Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh! Sushi screens this weekend at the 2012 Powell Street Festival!

Part of the Sora, Sanma & Sushi Series 
Saturday, August 4
Chapel Arts (304 Dunlevy St.)

See the full Powell Street Festival Program here.

A Song of Horsemackerel / yakizakana-no-uta Animation, 4 min Filmmaker, yusuke Sakamoto
A charming and witty animation starring an articulate fish that philosophizes about humankind on his journey home from the grocery store unaware of his fate...

Falling from the Sky | Documentary, 6 mins
Filmmaker, Moira Simpson
Surrounded by the beauty of the Slocan Valley in British Co- lumbia, artist Tsuneko Kokubo (Koko) dances her memories of being stranded in Japan during the Second World War. Falling From the Sky is one of a number of short films from the multi-faceted community based project, Telling the Stories of the Nikkei: The history of the Japanese Canadian Internment in New Denver.

Oh! Sushi – From the Land of the BC Roll with Love Documentary, 47 mins
Filmmaker, Toshimi Ono
In setting out to discover the creator of the BC roll, Alyssa Ono, a second generation Japanese Canadian, unexpectedly finds herself unravelling the rich and intricate layers of sushi culture, ultimately coming to understand why the Japanese refer to it with reverence as o-sushi. 


  1. Traditional Japanese chefs used to make sushi covered by japanese shoji screens in which their silhouette is only visible. I think it is for theatrics.

  2. Do they use sushi maker or they still manually wrap every piece when they are selling it in a restaurant? When I look for sushi restaurants sneak-peek videos, I always see the chef doing it at the moment a customer wants to buy one. Here in my country we already have readymade sushi because we know Japanese can still do it better.

  3. I love sushi, and I must say I've tried good ones where they make it in front of you. Although I still want to try the best sushi in the world that was featured in Bourdain's show. But I know there are sushi machines that make really good sushi.